She inspires me. Let me create something to inspire you.

Lemon Lime Creations came to being because of one person. My middle daughter. She has Autism. Very, very high functioning, although at one time we were advised to seek permanent guardianship so that after she turned 18 we would have the legal ability to place her as needed.

She has started middle school now, and has taken to the independence and responsibility that comes with it. She is my daily source of "Don't give up", "Don't let people tell you what you can't do" and one of the happiest, go lucky people I have ever met. She is the whole reason I have my shop - so I can be home everyday when she comes home. She has, and continues, to prove the naysayers who labeled her and limited the expectations of what she could do when she was younger, wrong.

She daily shows me what anyone is capable of, if you believe and work hard.